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Watch live Deadly Women, Parents Peril streaming 31 Aug, 2012

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Air date: 2012-09-01 04:00:00

Deadly Women Parents Peril

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Deadly Women - Parents Peril

Date: Friday, August 31, 2012
Air time: 09:00 PM
TV Network: Discovery

Watch Deadly Women Parents Peril Season 6 Episode 3 on local tv. Will be shown on Discovery at 07 Feb 2008 05:00 PM. You must see this tv episode. Remember the aired date guys. Only 60 is running time of this episode. These young women plans for revenge ended in murder. Female murderers are often times more horrifying and intriguing than their male counterparts. Their worlds are often defined by obsession, greed, and revenge. Deadly Women fuses bone-chilling story-telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history's most alluring female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past; killers and their victims are brought to life by elaborate dramatized reconstructions. The program will span four centuries and seven countries to explore the makings of these deadly women. Candice DeLong, a former FBI agent and profiler, and Dr. Janis Amatuzio, a forensic pathologist will also join the program to give a deeper insight into the crimes and the women who commit them. If you're one of Deadly Women fans, don't miss it this episode.

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How would which aired on the next episode? Let's find out in on its airing date.

Source: http://emaxalive.com/tv-show/deadly-women/watch-live-deadly-women-parents-peril-streaming-31-aug-2012.html

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